Media Coverage

Endpoints: Pioneering Click Chemistry In Humans

September 26, 2022

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly one in six deaths in 2020. We connected with Endpoints News on unlocking the hidden potential of click chemistry to improve the therapeutic index of cancer therapies.

The bioorthogonal revolution

May 31, 2022

Chemistry World dives into the world of bioorthogonal chemistry and how this amazing technology is now being leveraged in click chemistry by Shasqi and other companies.

Derek Lowe: Click Chemotherapy

October 28, 2020

Derek Lowe shared a great summary about our R&D path of our click chemistry oncology platform, leading to a first-in-human clinical trial.

C&EN: Click chemistry sees first use in humans

October 23, 2020

A therapy that relies on click chemistry to target a powerful cancer drug at tumor cells, sparing healthy ones, has entered Phase 1 clinical trials. It marks the first time that a click chemistry reaction has been carried out inside a patient’s body, according to Shasqi, the San Francisco–based biotech firm that developed the therapy.

Shasqi featured in the San Francisco Business Times for JPM20

January 07, 2020

We are proud to share an article by Ron Leuty, Staff Reporter for the San Francisco Business Times about Shasqi and our attendance at the JPMorgan 2020 conference: “How a small biotech worked its way out of storage space during the industry's biggest conference”

Shasqi featured in the San Francisco Business Times

June 08, 2017

We’re excited that our founder, José M. Mejia Oneto has featured on a list of seven promising researchers in the biotech world. The article was published by Lauren Hepler in the San Francisco Business Times “These seven researchers are changing the face of biotech”