Shasqi Presents Preclinical and Trial-in-Progress Posters at CTOS 2020

November 20, 2020

Shasqi presents two posters on their lead candidate SQ3370 at CTOS 2020

Shasqi presents two posters at The Connective Tissue Oncology Society 25th Anniversary Annual Meeting showcasing their lead candidate SQ3370.

In their preclinical poster, Shasqi shows that SQ3370 induces a dose-dependent, sustained local and systemic anti-tumor response in dual-tumor syngeneic murine models of colon adenocarcinoma, fibrosarcoma and melanoma. Additional pharmacological outcomes suggest SQ3370 activates an immune-mediated response in both treated and untreated tumors. The treatment also demonstrated a favorable toxicity profile as it did not induce body weight losses, even at the highest administered dose.

In addition, Shasqi presents a trial-in-progress poster on a first-in-human phase I study for their lead candidate SQ3370, a click activated protodrug therapy. SQ3370 is the first click chemistry-based treatment to be used in humans. The study SQ3370-001 is currently enrolling patients with advanced sarcomas and other solid tumors in the United States and Australia ( Identifier NCT04106492).

The preclinical poster presentation can be found here and the abstract can be found here.

The trial-in-progress poster presentation can be found here and the abstract can be found here.

CAPAC™ and SQ3370

SQ3370 utilizes Shasqi’s proprietary Click Activated Protodrugs Against Cancer (CAPAC™) platform, a click chemistry-based approach that activates cancer drugs at a specific tumor with minimal systemic toxicity. The platform utilizes the biocompatible chemical reaction between an attenuated trans-cyclooctene-modified protodrug and a tetrazine-modified biopolymer. The biopolymer is injected into the target tumor lesion, where it precisely captures and activates an infused protodrug. Unlike targeted therapies, the CAPAC™ platform is agnostic to tumor characteristics that can vary from patient to patient, such as biomarker expression and enzymatic activity. CAPAC™ is highly modular and can be applied to a wide variety of cancer therapeutics.

SQ3370 consists of 2 components, SQL70 biopolymer and SQP33 protodrug. SQL70 is a tetrazine-modified sodium hyaluronate biopolymer which functions by activating the protodrug inside the body and does not contain a therapeutically active ingredient. SQP33 is a trans-cyclooctene (TCO)-modified protodrug of Doxorubicin (Dox) with attenuated cytotoxic activity.

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